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GWM Alberton Branch


GWM made its debut in South Africa in March 2007. As a newcomer to the market, we soon started gathering fans with our highly affordable and quality Single & Double Cabs. The GWM brand has grown consistently over the years and so has our product range. GWM ALBERTON was awarded dealership of the year in 2012. Our team is driven by a passion for the motor vehicle industry, visit our branch today and they will assist you in purchasing your ideal GWM vehicle.

GWM Alberton Customer Care


Offering a range of customer care activities to enhance customer satisfaction

GWM MODELS: • GWM M4 • GWM Steed 5 Single Cab • GWM Steed 5 Double Cab • GWM Steed 5E Double Cab • GWM Steed 6 Double Cab • GWM H5
GROUP COMPANIES: • Raceview Motors • GWM Alberton • Mahindra Alberton • Best Used Cars • Haval Alberton
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